Stray Bead
Stray bead collection
Stray bead
from 'Okami'
Class Etc Item
Weight 1
Buy / Sell 25,000 / 12,500
A lost Buddhist prayer bead.
How to Obtain
Location Rate
Demon Fang Trader
Evil Snake Lord 4.5%
Samurai Specter 4.5%
Thanatos 22.5%
Ktullanux 13.5%
Fallen Bishop 7.5%
Gopinich 4.5%
Wounded Morroc 37.5%
Leak 4.5%
Shinobi 0.75%
Taoist Hermit 0.75%
Zhu Po Long 0.75%
Kitsunetsuki 4.5%
Skoll 4.5%
Naranjo 0.75%
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