Shadow Hunter Fishnets [1]
Dq fishnet stockings collection
Dq fishnet stockings
from 'Dragon Quest' series
Class Garment
Defense 12
Weight 10
Required Level 100
Refine Tango Tick1
Buy / Sell 20 / 10
Shadow Chaser
Classy fishnet stockings worn by shadow stalkers.
Flee + 10, AGI + 1, DEX + 2
[Shadow Hunter Set]
Shadow Hunter Garb
Shadow Hunter Fishnets
Shadow Hunter Shoes
Shadow Hunter Gloves
DEX + 3
Inflict 50% more damage with Triangle Shot and Feint Bomb.
Reduce SP Consumption of Masquerade skills and Auto Shadow Spell by 10.
How to Obtain
Location Rate
Keeper of Artifacts
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