Rune Golem
Tr tombeth
from 'Trickster'
Type Mob
Race Formless
Size Large
Property Neutral 1
Level 121
HP 25,195
Attack 507~722
Defense 218
MDEF 200
Base Exp 80,625
Job Exp 72,900
Item Rate
Rune tablet Rune Tablet 1.5%
Dq hela hammer Hela's Hammer 1.5%
Card Rune Golem Card 0.15%
Boss Tango Tick1 | Aggro Tango Cross1 | 1 Dmg Tango Cross1 | Looter Tango Cross1 | Immobile Tango Cross1
mrc_fild02 (3), moc_dugn01 (10), moc_dugn02 (15), vanirt02 fl.30 (15), vanirt03 fl.68 (10)

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