Prize Exchanger
Prize exchanger
Type: Exchange
Aesir coin Aesir Coin Shop
Item Cost
Rmslink Meteor Storm Scroll Box 10
Rmslink Storm Gust Scroll Box 10
Rmslink Lord of Vermilion Scroll Box 10
Rmslink Lex Aeterna Scroll Box 10
Rmslink Magnificat Scroll Box 10
Rmslink Poison Bottle Box 12
Rmslink Bubble Gum Box 20
Rmslink Convex Mirror 30 Box 12
Rmslink Halter Lead 7 Day Box 20
Scroll box Full Chemical Protection Scroll Box 20
Scroll box Kafra Calling Card Box 3
Blue box Dwarf Potion Box 1
Blue box Giant Potion Box 1
Yellow box Salamander Coin Box 10
Yellow box Undine Coin Box 10
Yellow box Jinn Coin Box 10
Yellow box Gnome Coin Box 10
Yellow box Wisp Coin Box 10
Yellow box Shade Coin Box 10
Yellow box Dryad Coin Box 10
Yellow box Luna Coin Box 10
Yellow box Magic Mirror Box 3
Miku doll Miku Doll 12
Alucard glasses Alucard's Glasses 8
Piamette hairband Piamette Hairband 4
Viking helm Viking Helm 8
Valkyrie helm arcane Arcane Valkyrie Helm 10
Freya hat Freya's Hat 10
Back masamune Sheathed Masamune 15
Back sniper rifle PSG-1 Sniper Rifle 15
Perched dragon pink Perched Dragon 10
Perched dragon blue Perched Dragon 10
Perched dragon purple Perched Dragon 10
Perched dragon black Perched Dragon 10
Perched dragon white Perched Dragon 10
Drooping moogle Drooping Moogle 4
Quiz hat Quiz Master's Hat 8
Vendetta mask Guy Fawkes Mask 4
Majora mask Majora's Mask 14
Cave story hat Quote's Robo Hat 10
Cave story ears Curly's Robo Ears 10
Brs eye Black Rock Flame 10
Mononoke mask Mononoke Hime Mask 6
Felinus white Felinus 8
Lupus white Lupus 8
Sakura petals Sakura Petals 4
Moogle ball Moogle Bopper 4
Super saiyan Super Saiyan 15
Dark runic flames Dark Runic Flames 10
Kamen helm Kamen Rider's Helm 6
Angel wings Angel Wings 10
Butterfly wings Butterfly Wings 6
Flandre wings Flandre's Wings 6
Poring coin Poring Coin Shop
Item Cost
Aesir coin Aesir Coin 30
Rmslink Silvervine 10 Box 5
Rmslink Yellow Poring Hairpin 15
Rmslink Pink Poring Hairpin 15
Rmslink Green Poring Hairpin 15
Rmslink Blue Poring Hairpin 15
Rmslink Poring Hat 8
Rmslink Costume: Poring Hat 8
Rmslink Poporing Hat 8
Rmslink Jumping Poring 10
Rmslink Costume: Rainbow Poring Hat 10
Rmslink Santa Poring Hat 15
Rmslink Costime: Shining Santa Poring 10
Rmslink Poring Party Hat 10
Rmslink Poring Letter 10
Rmslink Poring Sunglasses 30
Rmslink Triple Poring Hat 15
Poring family hat Poring Family Hat 15
Rmslink Angeling Hat 20
Rmslink Costume: Angeling Hat 10
Rmslink Flapping Angeling 10
Rmslink Deviling Hat 25
Nekoring hat Nekoring Hat 8
Aquaring hat Aquaring Hat 8
Cowring hat Cowring Hat 8
Sapling hat Sapling Hat 8
Deviling hat Big Deviling Hat 8
Bomb poring hat Bomb Poring Hat 8
Angeling on head Angeling on Head 8
Arc angeling on head Arc Angeling on Head 8
Deviling on head Deviling on Head 8
Metaling on head Metaling on Head 8
Rmslink Small Poring Band 30
Rmslink Small Deviling Hat 30
Deviling rucksack Deviling Rucksack 5
Bomb poring rucksack Bomb Poring Rucksack 5

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