Lava Man
Bof lava man
from 'Breath of Fire 3'
Type Mob
Race Formless
Size Large
Property Fire 4
Level 134
HP 47,335
Attack 963~1,256
Defense 218
MDEF 147
Base Exp 314,925
Job Exp 433,600
Item Rate
Lava lump Lava Lump 7.5%
Blaze sword Blazing Sword 3.75%
Hwa ryung fan Hwa Ryung Ji Jang 1.8%
Hellfire blaster Hellfire Blaster 0.75%
Card Lava Man Card 0.15%
Boss Tango Cross1 | Aggro Tango Tick1 | 1 Dmg Tango Cross1 | Looter Tango Cross1 | Immobile Tango Cross1
vanirt04 fl.80 (5), vanirt04 fl.87 (5)

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