Fremere's Wings [1]
Fremere wings collection
Fremere wings
from 'Gaia Online'
Class Headgear / Costume
Location Lower
Defense 2
Weight 100
Required Level 50
Refine Tango Tick1
Buy / Sell 20 / 10
Every Job
Who can resist the alluring fury of Fremere's heart? His eyes like fire, glowing so vehemently they threaten to burn. Do you dare wear his tainted carapace?
STR + 2, VIT + 1
[Fremere Set]
Fremere's Guard
Fremere's Wings
Add a 3% chance to cause damage and a 7 cell knockback effect to all enemies within 15 x 15 (PBAoE) cell around you when taking Physical Damage.
How to Obtain
Location Rate
Treasure Hunter's Guild
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Costumes: UpperMidLowerMixed
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