Erdrick's Shield [1]
Dq erdrick shield collection
Dq erdrick shield
from 'Dragon Quest' series
Class Shield
Defense 144
Weight 220
Required Level 88
Refine Tango Tick1
Swordman Class
A shield purportedly sported by the original legendary hero himself.
LUK + 2
Enables use of Level 2 Shield Boomerang.
Inflict 20% more damage with Shield Boomerang and Shield Chain.
[Legendary Lionheart Set]
Erdrick's Armor
Erdrick's Shield
Erdrick's Gauntlets
Add a 3% chance to attack a 9 x 14 area with Fire Property damage.
Increases damage done against Dragon monster by 20%.
Reduce damage from Dragon monster by 20%.
How to Obtain
Location Rate
Captain Max Meddlin
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