Black Rabite
Mob mvp
Black rabite
from 'Secret of Mana' series
Type MVP / Pet
Race Brute
Size Small
Property Neutral 4
Level 100
HP 2,360,400
Attack 1,280~4,080
Defense 160
MDEF 284
Base Exp 13,040,250
Job Exp 10,417,500
MVP Exp 11,626,500
Item Rate
Rabite skull Rabite Skull 100%
Chocolump Chocolump 100%
Honey elixir Honey Elixir 100%
Magic walnut Magic Walnut 100%
Angel grail Angel Grail 100%
Yellow card Black Rabite Card 0.15%
MVP Drops
Item Rate
Rmslink Yggdrasil Berry 100%
Rmslink Old Card Album 100%
Rmslink Old Purple Box 100%
Boss Tango Tick1 | Aggro Tango Tick1 | 1 Dmg Tango Cross1 | Looter Tango Cross1 | Immobile Tango Cross1
6 Total: Rabite, Rabillion, Snowy Rabite
dungeon000 (1) 10 min~2 hour, vanirt01 fl.10 (1) 1~2 hour

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